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Ivelina Petkova

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Born in 1977 in Plovdiv. She graduated in Bachelor's and Master's degrees "Ancient History and Culture" at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia in 2002.

ivelina 400pxIn 2000 she studied at the First School of Marine History and Underwater Archeology, conducted by the Center for Underwater Archeology and acquired diving qualification. She participated in excavations of a sunken medieval ship at Urdoviza (Kiten) from 2000 to 2003 by a Bulgarian-American expedition. In 2009, in the framework of a project of the DPA "TRAMARISK - Thracian maritime cultural heritage at risk: Research, Documentation, Conservation”, she acquires an instructor diving license according to the NAUI diving system. From 2009 until the beginning of 2019 she is the director of the Historical Museum "Prof. Alexander Fol” in Malko Tarnovo. Since April 2019, she is an archaeologist at the Center for Underwater Archeology.

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