Centre for Underwater Archaeology, Sozopol

The Centre for Underwater Archaeology (CUA) is a National Cultural Institute, an independent legal entity on a subsidiary budget by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. The main tasks of the Institute include the study, protection and management of underwater cultural heritage in the Bulgarian territorial waters and exclusive economic zone in the Black Sea as well as in the internal water basins of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Centre for underwater archaeology

Chernomorets Bay shipwreck

STRIL Explorer

Byzantine shipwreck being surveyed by MMT Surveyor ROV

Coring sampling on deck of Stril explorer

MMT surveyor Interceptor

Kiten Bay shipwreck

About us

CUA - Sozopol

The Main activites of CUA - Sozopol are these:

1) Organize and execute activities related to the investigation, recording and protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage of Bulgaria (the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, rivers and lakes);

2) Carry out the scientific processing and interpretation of data and finds, acquired during underwater archaeological investigations;

3) Conduct scientific-, information- and expert activities, and consultancy in the field of Underwater Archaeology;



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CUA Office:
Centre for Underwater Archaeology
1 Apolonia Street
8130, Sozopol, Bulgaria

+ 359 55022405